Sample Projects

Below are some examples of projects we have done.

Commercial Lighting

A manufacturer of LED lighting products needed to develop a commercial-grade area light to replace an older design that was too expensive to manufacture. IDE developed a modular design enabling components to be assembled and tested independently then brought together in a final assembly.

Medical Device

A non-profit organization wanted to develop a low-cost manual aspiration device for use in developing countries with limited resources. The device needed to be re-usable so it had to be easy to clean and withstand repeated sterilizations. The design incorporates living hinges for easy disassembly, reduced part count, and to avoid losing parts during the cleaning process.

Medical Equipment

A start-up company developed a new technology using a laser to replace x-rays for mammogram screenings. A digital image is created by progressively scanning the target area using a fiber optic emitter and receiver. The position of the fiber optic emitter and receiver is controlled by a pair of precision X-Y tables. The upper platter moves relative the lower one to compress the tissue and uses a load cell to measure the compression force. IDE developed the mechanism for compressing the tissue and controlling the motion of fiber optic scanning cables. Numerous safety features were built in to prevent over-compression and provide a fail-safe manual compression relief.