Sample Projects

Below are some examples of projects we have done.

Medical Products

We have helped develop medical products such as the aspirator shown to the right. The shape and styling were defined by industrial designers to enhance human factors to ensure ease of use by the operator. The design accomplished key objectives for easy cleaning and the ability to be autoclaved for 100 cycles. The design incorporates living hinges for easy disassembly, to reduce the part count, and to avoid losing parts during the cleaning process.

The device shown to the left is part of a new laser mammography machine. A digital image is created by progressively scanning the target area using a fiber optic emitter and receiver. The position of the fiber optic emitter and receiver is controlled by a pair of precision X-Y tables. The upper platter moves relative the lower one to compress the tissue and uses a load cell to measure the compression force.

Consumer Products

The device shown to the right is a prototype design for an internet fragrance sampler. It can generate hundreds of fragrances by combining two or more of primary fragrances stored inside its reservoirs.

Commercial Products

The electrical cable connector housing shown to the right is a plastic injection molded part that was designed to operate over a wide temperature range while maintaining the ability to "flex"; open and close for thousands of cycles without fatigue failure.

Commercial Display

A 10-foot high replica of a motorcycle engine was designed to be part of a store display for a local motorcycle dealer. The engine consists of a aluminum skeleton to support the weight of the body and fins and is internally lit to simulate the chrome fins and covers on the actual engine. The entire assembly weighs over 2,000 pounds and is suspended from above the ceiling.

Lab Equipment

We have designed and built custom lab equipment to perform specialized tasks. An example is shown to the right.