CAD Design Services

CAD Design Services

IDE offers 3D CAD design services as an integral part of the engineering design process. All designs are created using either Pro/Engineer (Creo) or SolidWorks, two of the most widespread CAD packages in use today. We strive to build robust CAD models which can be easily changed as the design evolves.

Design Approach

Good design is more than just creating CAD models that look good. It's more about developing well thought out designs that carefully examine the design functional requirements and then consider how the parts will be manufactured, assembled, tested, and serviced.

Design methodology is also important. A top-down approach for creating 3D CAD designs greatly simplifies managing the overall design intent and relationship between component parts. Part boundaries and shared features are seamlessly passed down to components to ensure that mating features and boundaries are maintained as the geometry is modified.


A 3D CAD model assembly is shown below. This assembly consists of an external die cast housing and heat sink along with a plastic injection molded cover. Inside the housing are electrical components (sensors, a power supply, etc.) and other parts.

CAD Design Services - 3D Cad model assembly

The 3D CAD model can be used to generate 2D drawing views as shown below.

CAD Design Services - 2D rendering
CAD Design Services - 2D underside rendering

An exploded view is shown below along with bill of materials balloon callouts that can be used in an assembly drawing for documentation purposes.

CAD Design Services - 2D bill of materials balloon callouts


The electrical cable connector housing shown below is a plastic injection molded part that was designed to operate over a wide temperature range while maintaining the ability to "flex" open and close for thousands of cycles without fatigue failure.

CAD Design Services - commercial products

A CAD model of the top-half of the connector is shown below. This virtual prototype can be analyzed using finite element analysis (FEA) to determine how the part will respond to repeated loading without having to physically build and test a prototype. This reduces the development time and costs while improving the reliability of the design.

CAD Design Services - Connector With No Load

Connector with no load

CAD Design Services - Connector Stress When Deformed

Connector stress when deformed

CAD Design Services

Deflection animation

Collaboration Tools

We are able to share CAD models and drawings with clients using a free viewer. The client simply installs the viewer and they are able to view 2D drawings and 3D CAD models without having to invest in any expensive software. The ability to view as well as markup the design files provides a clear collaboration means to ensure the design meets the client’s expectations before any parts are made.

CAD Design Services - models
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